Every year the doors of the restaurant "Prague" open to meet a grand celebration, filled with beauty and refinement - the Ball of Flowers. We love these fairy tales, so decorating this holiday for our team of designers was a great joy.

Karina (main project manager - comment), how is the fairy tale created? What inspired you to create this beautiful project?

The beginning of the tale was love! Love for this beautiful place and the people who created it. The inspiration was the architecture of the building itself. I wanted to emphasize the refinement and tenderness of this space. To do this, we used white flowers diluted with expressive accents - golden leaves of Monster and Galaxy.

What zones did you use when making the Bala of flowers?

Welcome, aperitif and photo zone. The main floral palette consisted of hydrangeas, orchids, freesias, peonies and dahlias. The air was filled with an indescribable aroma!

Why were the shades of white and gold selected?

White color personify tenderness and lightness, and gold - luxury. And all these features directly describe the emotional component of this place.

We also talked with the PR director of the Prague restaurant Lyudmila Kirillova and learned about the history of the celebration of the Ball of Flowers and about the concept of its celebration this year.

Lyudmila, for the restaurant "Prague" is the Flower Ball? What is its main concept?

The Ball of Flowers is an annual event, timed to the birthday of the restaurant, which also marks the beginning of the spring-summer season. This is the only day of the year when "Prague", like a real birthday girl, appears in her best festive attire, drowning in colors that seem to spin in a festive waltz! This year, the Prague restaurant celebrated its first anniversary - 5 years of the renewed “Prague”, and 60 years since the founding of the restaurant. Therefore, this year we celebrated with a special scale!

What values did you put into creating a project?

The Ball of Flowers is a project that is primarily intended to express gratitude, appreciation and our love for the regular guests of the restaurant. We appreciate our guests, so every year we raise the bar and make every effort to surprise and leave in the memory of all of us a pleasant aftertaste from what is happening.

Tell us about the features of the dress code this year.

We wanted a special solemnity, but at the same time graceful and gentle. After consulting with the experts of the Fiori company, we very quickly came to a consensus that the concept of white and gold, which by the way is the trend of the season, will best cope with the task.

Why did you choose the company Fiori to design the Ball of Flowers?

Organizing an event of this magnitude, I will not surprise anyone, saying that at the first stage the choice of the right partners and contractors is very important. Maximumism in everything, attention even to the most seemingly insignificant details, the ability to listen, and more importantly, to hear the customer, and sometimes, the ability to persuade something, but with 100% dedication to fulfill all voiced wishes - this what is considered to be true professionalism. But in fact, everything is simple - we chose our own kind!

Each project for the Fiori team is special, because we never repeat! The ball of flowers has become for us a real fairy tale where all the magic, talent and skill of our designers were directed!

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