Each year Fiori team faces a dilemma - how to decorate the home or office of its clients for New Year holidays, make it look stylish and in line with fashion trends. To be always in the trend and maintain the status of a recognized trendsetter, Fiori Company monitors various trends, participates in top international exhibitions, do all the work with a full sense of dedication, and love for its clients!

In today's blog, we want to tell you about the main decor trends of the coming year. In 2016, the Pantone organization - expert in the world of colors and their combinations named color of this winter that has several names - safari, olive, khaki, or as suggested by Pantone - dry grass. In today's world there are so many artificial things that naturalness is worth its weight in gold. And this winter - is no exception!

The coming year on the eastern calendar is the year of the Fire Monkey. In this context, designers and decorators recommend the use of the elements and colors closest to the natural, but do not forget the rich details. On the famous annual fair in Frankfurt, dedicated to the décor, a trend of interior decoration with colors of the winter woods was noticed. Green, white, brown are usually chosen as a background, bright and juicy stains such as red or gold are added to them. Every year Fiori Company takes an active part in the exhibition and selects the best products, in order to be the first to open a full range of new products for its clients.

As for the details of interior design, all the world's designers agreed that the best option for this winter is the use of multiple candles or their electronic simulations. As ideas - candles on the porch of the house, on the tree, on the table. Imagine how comfortable it will be in the house, where there is a soft semi-darkness and blowing breathtaking aroma of pine needles, and at the same time a blizzard rages outside. The feeling of inner warmth and spiritual harmony is guaranteed. And, do not forget the cute little details that can add zest to your interior - delicate gingerbread, crackers, statuettes. Winter holidays is a fun and magical carefree time. The team of Fiori decorators knows how to decorate the house, to let a fairy tale in it – having cleverly chosen decoration, decorated the Christmas tree and yard with lights and light installations, you feel all the wonderful atmosphere of holiday!

But what is relevant for businessmen who want to decorate the windows of their stores? There are certain trends too. There is such English expression "window shopping", which means not only "windows viewing", but is also widely used in the marketing policy – due to the attractiveness of windows, passersby cannot pass by and make rash purchases. This is the result of a successful retail design! This year white colors with lots of sparkling crystals are in winter fashion. Most ingenious tell through windows the whole animation fairy tale, live and music ones. One cannot pass by. Fiori Company knows how to attract the attention of many people with the beauty of the windows: the basic rule - it must be remarkable! There is a space where designers' fantasy can go wild - surprise, delight, shock - all means are good!

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