Our company from the very first day of its foundation protects the eternal family values, great love and sincere feelings! That is why we have created a new service Love Story, which reflects the values we revered so much.

We want to introduce you the first heroes - Sasha and Katya, couple in love, conquered us at the first sight!

The main task for our team was to convey emotions, capture the feelings and show the tenderness and awe of the birth of a new family.

We unveil the secrets behind the scenes and share with you the details of the shooting, as well as comments from participants of the process - the main character and the organizers.

Kate, heroine

Your story has incredibly beautiful name La storia di amore. Why Italy was chosen as love story concept?

When I first met Lyudmila Lazareva and girls from Fiori teams, I briefly talked about our pair - preferences, habits and love for all that was connected with Italy - cinema, music, cuisine, fashion. We decided to shoot a love story with a taste of Italy!

Have you participated in the preparatory process?

Yes! I always try as much as possible to delve into the organization process, besides this is our love story! But you can relax with such a team like Fiori and fully trust it!

You behaved incredibly easy and relaxed on camera! Give advice to the future heroes of Love story how to fully enjoy the process.

Fiori Team is a team of nice, charged with positive energy people who attach other people at once. During the preparation we get used to them, so there was no feeling of discomfort on the shooting site! To have fun, you need to know for sure what your "love story" is and be sure that all will pass well!

Natalia, project manager

1. What you first pay attention to in the preparation of the project?

Of course, the first thing we take into account was the preferences of the couple, their interests, and what concept for their love story would suits the best. Only after this, we started the development of the scenario, and the images of the whole concept.

2. What was the main idea?

The idea was not simply shoot the banal love story, and fill it with originality and fantastic touch. We decided to veil the meeting of the couple. He sought her image in the book, through which he could travel in his sweetheart's space and finally found her. A dream that came true.

3. How was the shooting of this beautiful love story?

We prepared to the shoot for about a month. After all, the very idea was complicated. The search for location also took a certain period of time, as the task was to create a movie and image most similar to Italy... And we decided on shooting in the open-air museum Pirogovo, having found the perfect patio in front of us. All decorations were taken specifically for the concept. We were very lucky with the weather, as we wanted to get clouds in the shot so much!

We used another location for a contrast - Café l'Etage, which interior filled the story with its unique style and comfort.

We have gathered an incredible team of professionals so that everything was perfect! We are very pleased that Sasha and Katya chose us, entrusting their love story. I want to say a special thank to each participant of the project: an incredibly talented photographer Litte, really creative guys - videographers Yuri and Taras from The New Black Production, stylist and makeup artist Luba Anufrieva and, of course, our wonderful designer Karina Khadzhimatova and decorator Yulia Slusar.

Very soon this beautiful story will have a grand and happy continuation in the form of a wedding celebration, the main organizer of which will be our talented partners - wedding and event - agency of Lyudmila Golubitskaya GG-Project.

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