We love original ideas! Recently, our team has become a party to the grandiose project Mission BRIDE - it's an amazing wedding for two super-heroes, which took place almost at the very clouds - on the helipad, symbolizing the height of feeling of the loving couple.

Its participants shared with us the emotions and comments about this unusual ceremony - Project Manager at Make my day, wedding agency and designers of the Fiori Company.

Alina Glazova - project manager; Vitaly Kozin - artistic director and director.

Make my day, wedding agency.

Discover the secret! What is the key to success of the creation of a perfect wedding?

The main thing is the trust of the client and the presence of the concept, which is created specifically for the wedding. When we talk about the concept - it's everything beginning from the name, the script and shows, and ending with a ribbon on the bouquet - everything has to tell a single story.

How did the preparation for this project go?

Very quickly, because the time of the creation of this project was less than two weeks, so all was invent and confirmed immediately. And many thanks to the Fiori Company for the ability to get an idea, set out in a very schematic outline on the pages of a notebook and implement it in reality.

The idea of a theatrical performance is simply gorgeous! Tell me, how did you manage to feel so fine the couple's desire and vision and implement a scenario in which they looked so harmoniously?

One remark. In this project, there was less theater, and more movie, as we are talking about a spy wedding. There was no place for improvisation, everybody performed their roles very well, but the couple did not know till the end what awaits them. The image of each actor was verified, movement and speech rehearsed - camera, action! We call such projects director's wedding, where actors, scenery, music, effects, interact in a single canvas and the whole universe is spinning around the newlyweds.

The most important thing is to understand the client's dreams. In this project, the bride herself said she wanted to see a spy theme and black guys. And all this happened on the helipad.

And gradually this ball spun. Where can superspies marry? On one of the roofs of the glittering metropolis – we already have an idea of the ceremony. Black guys are bodyguards, who had the important documents and spy rings for the ceremony in the armored briefcase. In such a way we move away from the boring image of the master of ceremonies. Before whom they must give the oath to each other? Before the secret service represented by another special agent. And even the formalities in the form of signatures under a certificate acquire a new meaning.

We always proceed from the customer's dream, turning his ideas and imagination into one complete story.

September weather is unpredictable. Tell me, did you have a plan "B" in case of rain?

The first idea of the ceremony we offer included the roof, but the couple refused it, saying that they wanted the clear skies over the head. Thus, the idea of the panorama of the metropolis was born, which emphasized an urban site itself, and it does not hide the landscape behind the couple. Therefore, obeying the client's wishes, we all took a chance!

Speaking of the boring part, we are monitoring the weather every hour for the outdoor projects, and you can always adjust the plan of the day so that the couple was not caught in the rain.

Natalia Voronina, project design manager

What was unique in the ceremony in terms of design?

Of course, the uniqueness of the ceremony was that all it was created only for two. We liked the couple's approach, their desire to make this day truly unforgettable!

A particular idea was to move to New York, being in Kiev, create the installation of the skyscrapers and put them in a floating cloud of hydrangeas and orchids, ensure a perfect sky, so that two lovers were able to realize their dream!

To realize the dream of true super-heroes is not an easy thing! Was the end result in line with the expectations?

Even more! It was like one of the masterpieces of cinema!

In addition, we are particularly lucky with the weather - the sun's rays have added the triumph of stunning bright colors and made it fantastic.

Igor Podlubny, project design manager

With each project, Fiori team rises higher and higher in its abilities! First, there was the wedding At the Top of the Senses, now an incredible ceremony, surrounded by the skyscrapers. What can we expect from you next? What heights will you conquer with your beauty? 🙂

here are no borders for us! We strive to realize the dream with great enthusiasm and the eyes burning with the delight. The more complicated the idea seems to be, the more interesting to realize it.

We have many plans - ambitious, bright and fabulous. We will be happy to share the details of each of them, revealing the fabulous world of Fiori abilities to you!



Photographer: ВИТАЛИЙ КОЗИН

Art director and director: ВИТАЛИЙ КОЗИН


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