Everyone knows that trends exist in absolutely every industry. The floristic world and decorative design are no exception.

Our company is constantly watching the novelties in the market to always be at the peak, and sometimes, we itself sets the trends, creating something fundamentally new.

In this season of the Christmas decorations, it has already implemented many projects and is ready to tell you which decorative trends have enslaved the spaces this year.


It's about huge toys, exaggerated forms and details - everything that will make you feel like a little man in the country of Lilliput. All these details create a genuine feeling of a fairy tale, which every adult will surely believe in once a year.


Now metallic, glossy, and reflective details are in trend, creating the effect of celebration and flashback in Hollywood in late 70s.

The crystals were used to decorate the brand walls and create the voluminous Christmas trees.

The crystals and glass details create an interesting optical and fantastic mirror-glass effect.

Retro toys

Retro is invincible and fantastically cool. It is only important to correctly interpret the classics into nowadays. Pin-up and pop-art styles beautifully tell the story of your brand, if it is about the design of the shop-window. If you decorate a Christmas tree, the retro toys create a sense of "that very" tree, which we have been waiting for since the beginning of December and reluctantly removed at the end of February. The same, which was always accompanied with tangerines and Russian salad!

Retro is still invincible and we like it!

Mono Christmas Tree, which Does not Need Toys.

In the collection of the Fiori Company there is a series of the mono-bouquets, which people like for the creative look and exclusivity.

This is when the bouquets include only one type of flower in large quantities or all the components of a bouquet are in a single shade. It looks very cool and exotic.

When the Fiori team started working on ideas for creating the Christmas trees, the mono principle was taken as the basis, the main task was to choose the type of material.

So "the velvet Christmas tree" was born!

Especially unusual the velvet Christmas tree looks in a single color - red, turquoise, metallic, and indeed any color! This year many clients trusted the trend and the Fiori team in creating a mono Christmas tree. As a result, several such projects have already been implemented this year. Despite the fact that the velvet Christmas tree has become a kind of trend, everyone has its own - certainly not like the other. By the way, this Christmas tree does not need toys - it is very self-sufficient in its original form.

But only client decides to decorate it or not.

And we can only guarantee that it will be VERY beautiful.

Movement is Life.

Looking at the interesting installations of the Christmas design, we all noticed how the figures move: how the balls spin on the Christmas trees, how the bunnies beat the drums, how, the wind blows from nowhere, spraying confetti into the air.

All this, of course, is done for the audience, so that the Christmas's tale finally settles in people's hearts for at least a holiday period.

The Fiori Company calls it the Dynamics.

The Dynamics is one of the trends in the design of 2017-2018 and it is increasingly used in the creation of the festive decorations.

The children are always enthusiastic about the dynamics, and this is the main award for the decorators.

Movement is created with the help of small mechanisms and not mechanical devices that trigger the process and the objects "come to life."

Movement is life, that's why projects in the dynamics are so real!

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