On May 12, the second wedding talk show took place, at which experienced wedding organizers, florists and decorators gave advice to newcomers.

The Fiori Flower Company team was honored to arrange an unusual location of the event on ArtPrichale, and our company's CEO was invited to act as a speaker.

Task. Making a wedding in the style of a loft. According to statistics, only 10% of brides prefer dark saturated colors and “rough” locations. The most important thing is not to lose the romanticism of the solemn event.

Location. ArtWatched on the bank of the Dnieper, under the bridge. The combination of the spirit of history and urban space makes this place ideal for events of various formats and directions. Often in this art space exhibitions of photographers and artists. Through a huge window-arch, a beautiful view of the Dnieper.

What happened. We have created several zones. The first is the photozone (during the wedding can be used as a venue for the ceremony): simplicity and bright accents. Against the background of gray “inanimate” concrete walls, a splash of color — self-sufficient compositions of red amaryllis and bare hazel branches in tall metal vases; low compositions with rich green lotus leaves and exotic artichokes in vases of lesser height. Here, everything is imbued with symbols of the male and female beginnings: red amaryllis - femina, maroon-green coarse artichoke - masculin.

The second zone is a place for speakers (during a real wedding, which serves as a location for relaxation): a vertical heel of horizontally arranged dark wood panels, in its support a lamp made from an unprocessed tree trunk with a white shade; high composition of tinted dark metal of unusual design with lush bright bordeaux colored hydrangeas.

The third zone is the ceremony zone. All the "simplicity" of nature is displayed here. High compositions of black hot flowers in matte black pots, artichoke in "cold" low compositions.

With a love for Loft by Fiori.

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