ЦFlower industry is huge and varied, it looks light and beautiful from the side. It's a fact, flowers are so beautiful. But this beauty means a lot of work and responsibility, because flowers are fragile, and most importantly perishable goods. We want to lift the veil of secrecy and tell you about the features and intricacies of flower business, showing its work from the inside. People who every day go unnoticed behind divine Fiori showcases will share insider information with you.

Lyudmila, manager of the international economic activity

Lyudmila, you have already been in the flower business for 17 years, share with us what has changed over all these years in the flower market in Ukraine?

Over the years, almost everything about the world of floristry has changed, from the assortment of flowers, packaging accessories to the customer's needs, the desire to give something non-standard and special. The path of formation of floral art is long enough and very interesting ... 17 years ago I could not even think about the fact that I love so much what I do today. My first acquaintance with flowers was very impressionable, I saw how flowers are delivered to us in Ukraine - packed in boxes, for me it was a complete surprise. The range of flowers was quite small - carnation, rose, chrysanthemum - very few varieties, but they were so beautiful and unusual that at the time my delight knew no bounds.

Gradually I began to delve into the work process, and the desire to move in this direction was growing stronger with each passing year, because you see a growing industry and its development. New items in stock - the exotic flowers appeared more and more on the Ukrainian market, such as hydrangea, different kinds of orchids, peony roses etc. The client becomes more refined. This undoubtedly entails an incentive and passion to give more interesting novelties, surprise the customer. Today I can say that the client has changed a lot. Fiori is not just giving flowers, it gives feelings and emotions, and therefore we wants to convey it with flowers themselves. A huge armful of roses, lilies and bouquets with an incredible amount of cellophane were replaced with graceful bouquets composed exclusively of flowers and greenery, or mono bouquets. Our customers have come to understand the species, and some even in grades. An elegant man with such skill can pick up an assortment of flowers, deftly juggling with varieties of hydrangeas, garden roses and differing cymbidium from phalaenopsis. Although there are funny situations.

Tell us about the flowers procurement process.

That's my favorite theme I can talk endlessly about. The flowers procurement process requires constant attention, rapid response, with its "pitfalls". It's no longer a secret that the largest flower auction in the world is the Dutch company Flora Holland. Its heart is big auction clock with which daily bidding occur. Bidding starts early in the morning and is based on purchasing products at the best price. There must be "a sense of buttons" and quick response.

Further, the purchased goods arrive at the warehouse of the company-buyer, going through a packaging and shipment. We carefully choose the range of flowers for our customers, so most of the goods we buy directly from the gardeners. Meeting with them is like a breath of fresh air, they inspire us to new products, which are hidden from the general review, share secrets on growing and cherish their offspring until they are sure that they are ready to bring it to light. Each of them lives by doing his business with dedication and love for his work.

You are working in Fiori Flower Company for a long time. What is a distinctive feature of the brand for you?

Fiori company always strives to be a leader and move forward. We give emotion and beauty, which constantly demand in a "non-stop" mode in the selection of unusual flowers and exclusivity of the proposed product. A lot of employees are taking part in the process.

In my opinion, a distinctive feature of the brand is a brand itself, which was created 7 years ago and is still on top, thanks to our customers, continuous development and desire to improve.

And finally, I would like to mention is this saying: "Choose a job to your liking, and you do not have to work a single day in your live."

David, Head of the Department of Cut Flowers Wholesale

You have a lot of experience working with major countries. Share the specificity of your work!

The specificity of our work is that we are dealing with incredibly fragile commodity, and thus the attitude shall be appropriate. In order to meet the client's wishes, we try to pay a special attention to every order. Our company buys the goods as at the auction and directly from gardeners. Large-scale and individual orders are processed in advance, in order to give the customer exactly what he wants: specific colour and quantity. Of course, as in any other work, there are risks and force majeure situations in which you need to respond quickly and smoothly. For example, when there is a climate failure in a specific country where the plantation is located and supply default is threatened, and therefore the execution of the event, you need to quickly replace as much as possible following the proposed concept, communication with managers can occur at any time, in this case, there should be a perfect communication.

We thank you for our cooperation! Please tell us about your impressions of working with Fiori Flower Company.

We really appreciate this partner and have a great respect for the people with whom we work, because, Fiori Flower Company is a partner with its own unique characteristics, exclusivity, special taste and positioning. During the years of cooperation, our relationship became really warm and quivering. We confidently look to the future in hope for a fruitful cooperation. Of course, it is worth noting that this is a difficult client, their meticulously delights us (laughs): very high requirements as their reputation is at stake - always everything must be perfect. Therefore, we are like in a fairy tale – if it is necessary to find snowdrops in winter, so find them. Edible flowers on a presentation to Cyprus - easily. It is necessary to send flowers to Morocco – we can do it too. It is difficult, but at the same time incredibly interesting when the impossible becomes possible, and we are amazed at how we succeed.

Wouter de Vries, director of Parfum Flower Company

This year Fiori Flower Company is 7 years. We are very happy that all these years we deliver to Ukraine the most beautiful flowers, and, of course, roses of Parfum Flower Company. Wouter, in your opinion, what is the secret of successful partnership with Fiori Flower Company for so many years?

With Fiori Company we do not just work for many years, we passed though the way of the joint formation in the flower business. And all these years, our shared fundamental keys to success were the roses. The most important thing in our work is the quality, it is what we take care of firstly. Parfum Flower Company has the largest collection of fragrant roses in the world, and we are very pleased that a company like Fiori is our partner. By testing our flowers and presenting our brand, you are making our products even better and more beautiful. At the same time, it is worth to note our communication, which always takes place openly at the highest level. They always appreciate our new selection samples – they are seeking to get new items first, albeit it is only 40 stalks of freshly bred roses.

We are happy that Fiori company became a creative and reliable partner. We hope that our cooperation based on the highest standards, yet will continue for many years.

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