On how a fantastically romantic wedding in Georgia could be, and what is necessary to take into account, we will share our own experience of design of the event Threads of Destiny, and the expert Natalia Panchenko (Head of Customer Department of Tourism Company Zabugor) will tell about the main advantages of this region.

Choice. Why Georgia?

Expert's opinion: "Georgia is the perfect place for a wedding ceremony. The Georgian mountain landscapes are a wonderful backdrop for the wedding photos. However, the most important thing for which it is worth celebrating a wedding in Georgia is incredibly delicious cuisine and fine wine. There are not so many places on our planet where everything is combined in one country. Some advantages are worth noting:

- Convenient options for flight and a short distance;

- Visa is not required;

- No language barriers;

- Opportunity to hold the wedding ceremony in one of the oldest Orthodox churches;

- Official registration of marriage for the citizens of Ukraine;

- Landscapes: mountains, lakes and incredible nature;

- Fine cuisine and famous Georgian wines;

- Impressing hospitality;

- Music, dancing and beautiful traditions of this country."

The challenge for the wedding Threads of Destiny. Observe the local flavor of Georgia, but not get deeply involved into the tradition, preserve the European unobtrusive and simple lines in the design.

Location. The modern design hotel Kazbegi on the territory of the National Nature Park, near Mount Kazbek. "Kazbegi has incredible energy, this is one of the best places for a wedding in Georgia - the most important thing is that incredible atmosphere of peace, tranquility and harmony that prevails at this place - all tourists, whom we sent to the region, talk about it", - said Natalia.

Kazbegi has a fantastic view from the windows over the Trinity cathedral, where our couple got married.

Originally, the hotel had been banned large-scale events, but our wedding was an exception.

Because of the 100% load of tourists it was not possible to use lobby or hotel restaurant in the design. It was decided to install a tent on the terrace with mountain views.

What happened.A rustic design, which was in great harmony with the rough dark brown furniture and national attributes - copper cups and plates, horns of plenty. It should be noted that they were not many, simplicity remained supported with vintage knit tablecloths.

The color scheme of design: soft yellow-orange tones, greens.

Newlyweds' table. A special feature was that the decoration on the newlyweds' table was the same as on the guest tables - sprawling low composition. The difference was a geometric ornament stylized up for national motifs on the backside with orange and brown paper flowers displayed in a asymmetric manner.

Bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere. "Disheveled" bouquet, as if just gathered from the garden or whip up by a florist, which is at the peak of fashion this year. It was made with David Austin rose in a gentle shade of peach, salad hydrangea and rustic characteristic bluish-green eucalyptus.

Photo zone. High paper wildflowers of burnt sugar shades, sprawling green, yellow inflorescences of the herbs. The rough vintage shop and craft attributes were a backdrop.

Compositions in a crockery. Copper pitchers were supplemented by yellow flowers and green grass.

Compositions without flowers. Unconditional trend in 2015, when food or fruit are used on par with classic florist. In our case, it was the Georgian cheese, complemented by herbs and roses to match the overall design.

Trees with flowers as very light details.

So, what we did not know, but will surely use next time. Natalia told us about a very beautiful wedding tradition: at the moment when the young bride enters the house of the groom, he must climb onto the roof of the house and let white bird out into the sky. And rice and raisins are poured at the girl's head. After this the groom is presented with a glass of the best wine. First is the groom who drinks from this glass. Then he put the ring in it and gives it to the bride. The bride takes a sip from the glass, and then the groom himself is already entitled to pull out the treasured ring and gives it to his beloved. Meanwhile the groom certainly says to his future wife the most beautiful words of loyalty and love.

The wedding itself, like Georgia, was distinguished with a distinct freedom, romance and beauty. We recommend you this place for such touching event!

Love, Fiori





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