Shop window is not only the face of the store, but also a factor influencing the people's choice. So what the ideal shop window should be, which would be impossible to pass by? In addition to flower arranging, our company specializes in shop window design. In today's blog, we will talk about the kinds of shop windows and how they may affect the business success.

Our streets are filled with shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants; among all this variety, just a few can be proud of the skill of good window design that considerably affect the influx of customers. So why do people past some shop window without turning their heads, but others draw people like a magnet? The point is a human psychology. It is estimated that in 2 seconds the human brain sends a signal, and concludes whether "like - not like." This happens at the subconscious level. Put simply, passing by the store, we are caught with some detail, and we already step over the threshold.

There is a concept at the heart of successful shop windows that tells the background, the continuation of which the intrigued visitor want to know, going into the space.

A shop window that works is the result of hard work of designers, marketers, interior designers, and sometimes sculptors. The main axiom in window design, proven on successful stores is that the clothes should cause a desire to put it on, food - try it and toys – play with it.

In general, all the shop windows are divided into two types: open and closed. Open or in other words "shop windows to watch" allow to see the whole store through the glass, and even without entering it. This type of windows is good because a potential visitor enters the store without actually entering, thus having the opportunity to preview the range.

Another type, closed shop windows are intriguing, excluding demonstration of the trading floor. In this case, the shop window should fully display the range and style of the store. When choosing the type of shop window you need to consider several factors - the size of the store, its free space, the design of the trading floor, the presence of the required light. For example, for store up to 100 m2 with lots of shelves, it is better to use a closed type shop window, while a spacious sales area with an interesting layout can have open-type shop window.

Shop window design can be divided into 4 types - narrative, commodity, commodity and narrative and promotional.

The narrative shop windows often do not reflect the range of products of the store, the focus is on the associative sense. In most cases, the narrative shop windows are used by the well-known brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dolce& Gabbana.

Commodity shop window is the most common type, showing goods, sold by the store.

The commodity and narrative ones are the integration of the products into a creative story. These windows are most successful when placing new collections, making a store unique and recognizable.

The latter type, promotional windows talk only about discounts. As a rule, they are bright and use a banner indicating the discount offer.

The perfect shop window is the one, which the professionals work over. If you want your shop window evokes praise and attracts a lot of visitors, contact Fiori Company, and we'll make the face of your business impeccable!

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