This grand wedding was expected by many people with bated breath and in advance dubbed it "the wedding of the year"! It struck with the extent of its splendor, because every detail of this incredible celebration of love was perfect. Today we want to share with you the most valuable - the feedback received from the main participants of the stunning and truly fabulous process of La Vie en Rose Wedding.

Anastasia - the bride

Anastasia, for the first time we met a bride like YOU! You have participated in all moments, coordinating all the details on each step. Tell us about your impressions of the preparation, if the whole team manage torealize the holiday of your dream?

I am a perfectionist and I'm hard to please. I have always clearly know what I want. So I took part in all stages of preparation. I had to understand that everything will take place exactly as I see it. We were on the same wavelength with the team, because they immediately grasped the essence of my wedding vision.

Today, when you is already a wife, reveal to the future brides TOP - 5 secrets of the most important in the preparation.

1. The most important thing is to choose the organizer. You should feel comfortable. This should be a person who has charm and understands you, captures your thoughts and desires, even when you yourself can not exactly articulate them. Lyudmila Golubitskaya was such a person for me. From the first meeting she endeared me to herself. I knew from friends that this was a person with great experience of numerous events, including private ones. But at a meeting she absolutely did not splurge, as many people do, but questioned what I wanted, what were my wishes, ideas about a dream wedding. I was bribed, I confess. I love simple people, "own people", which do not need to show off their achievements, because their work and reputation over the country speaks for itself.

2. Serf through the Internet to clearly understand what you exactly want, what to require, what concept and organization.

3. It is important to choose a wedding venue as quickly as possible and immediately book it. Dates for the summer are determined in the fall and you may miss out the restaurant of your dream. The same thing with the photographer - the best are booked very quickly.

4. If you love flowers, the florists choice for you will be no less responsible than the choice of the organizer. Look through Pinterest to have an idea of what kind of concept of the wedding you want. If you find it hard to understand the concept, define what are the main elements you like, and the company of florists and decorators will make the rest of the work for you.

5. As soon as possible you need to choose a wedding dress options. Many girls buys wedding dresses 6 months in advance, you need to have this in mind, otherwise you risk to remain without the dress of your dreams. A great option is to sew a dress. Novias provides such a service. They are ready to satisfy the desire of even the most pampered customer.

During these months of preparation and realization, you become a special client for us, tell us about your experience with our team.

Fiori Team is a team of professionals with the most extensive experience in design activities in our country. They immediately picked up all my wishes and bring them to life. I knew that everything would be executed beyond praise, and that was the result. Fiori did a great work, for which many thanks. And of course many thanks to Lyudmila Lazareva that she created a great company with good service in our country.

Julia, the chief designer of the project

How did the preparation for this project go?

The preparation of the project lasted 4 months. All prints, details, furniture, colors were chosen very carefully. All the elements are consistent with the organizer and bride. The artist traced a unique picture.

How did you manage to make a concept #lavieenrose so exquisite?

We managed to combine shades of pink and white in the proportion of gold, so that all the wedding looked very elegant, but at the same time it was a fountain of colors. Using high crystal candlesticks on the tables of guests created an impression of soaring flowers.

The chairs were the final element in the banquet hall and the ceremony hall.

The highlight of the tableware was gold salad plate, delicately decorated with napkin and a rose.

The numbers on guest tables corresponded to the gold frame on the bench seating. An interesting solution was the use of an unusual pink carpet in the areas of the ceremony, and table of young marrieds. An important element was the design with the clusters of white flowers-garlands. Especially beautiful it looked on the entrance arch to the ceremony area. The table of young marrieds was literally buried in flowers.

For the bride's bouquet a unique velvet carrying case of pink color was made that was complemented with the pink ribbons and exquisite brooch.

It was very interesting to fill in the photo-zone, stylized as woman's boudoir - feathers, mirrors, frames with flowers, furniture in the style of Versailles, the gold dishes and crystal chandelier. Also unusual was the decision to combine the photo zone and sweet zone.

All the decoration is impressive in its scope! How many colors and decorations are required for the decoration of this holiday?

In the design we used about 3500 flowers, and a variety of decorative and structural elements.

Lyudmila Golubitskaya, organizer, founder of wedding and event agency GG-Project

Lyudmila, once again we want to congratulate you with the implementation of this stunning wedding! Share your impressions of the wedding #lavieenrose_wedding

You were right, it was really an amazing wedding to which we were preparing for 8 months! Hours of negotiations, regular meetings and hard training led to such a stunning results. Evgeniy and Anastasia are a lovely couple, with which all was made easily and happily so, of course, the celebration turned out incredibly beautiful! Anastasia loves flowers, pink color and beautiful songs. After listening to La vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong, one can immediately understand what inspired us.

How long was the wedding concept developed? Did you take part in this process, or completely trusted it to team Fiori Flower Company?

When Anastasia came to us, she told about her wishes. We have made a start from this and tried to come up with new and unusual details. I was involved in everything. Due to high professionalism of Fiori Flower Company we managed to create a bright and unique project that everyone will be talking about for a long time! It was the most anticipated wedding of the summer, because it had so much new and unusual!

How was the work with the team Fiori?

Fiori is a team of professionals and the best florists in Ukraine! How do we work? To say with pleasure mean to say nothing. All our meetings took place in a cozy and warm atmosphere, we were so inspired that idea came one after another. I am very grateful to Lyudmila Lazareva, who was present at each meeting and participated in the design of each part of this luxurious wedding. It was a pleasure to work with you, and to be honest, I cannot wait for our next joint project, which will be very, very soon!

There are a lot of projects in future - colorful, grandiose, emotional, amazing! We will be happy to continue to share with you each of them talking about the incredible opportunities of Fiori world!

Organization: GG-PROJECT



Photographer: JANE SKOROKHOD

More photos can be found here.

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