They say marriages are made in heaven. We believe in the high feelings, as well as the fact that there are no coincidences. Today we tell you about the incredibly beautiful wedding, filled with air theme. Clouds, weightlessness, flying tissue, a sea of flowers - everything that is associated with the height and tenderness of feeling. The main character - Ekaterina, curator of the project - Julia and organizer, founder of wedding and event agencies GG-Project Lyudmila Golubitskaya, shared comments on The Wedding at the Top of the Senses.

Ekaterina, bride

Catherine, our team wants to congratulate you again on the important and at the same time moving moment in your life! You are incredibly positive and active person, because you have been involved in all the processes of preparation of a wedding celebration. Did everything worked out, was the result in line with your expectations?

The preparation lasted for about 4 months, during which I have met with many people who have become very important to me, because they participated in one of the most important event of my life! When I became acquainted with Julia Slyusar, she immediately knew what we want! We were on the same wavelength, so everything went even better than I expected! I am very glad to meet Lyudmila Golubitskaya, she is a perfect wedding planner, an incredibly positive and light person! She has everything under control! We are pleased that the wedding was entrusted to her.

The Wedding at the Top of the Senses is incredibly romantic name. Tell us your love story.

At that moment, when Sasha made me an offer, we were high up on the floor of one of the tallest buildings in the world. We told this to the organizers and decorators of our celebration. That is why the idea to make it the theme of the wedding emerged, which went like a red thread through the whole event.

For every girl, wedding is the most beautiful and long-awaited event, which she had dreamed of since childhood, thinking through every detail. Share your impressions of the atmosphere of the wedding party, as well as Fiori team's work in a whole.

Wedding is really a very important event in the life of every girl. In addition to the preparation, there are so many other things, for example, meetings with interested and creative people who become your friends. In addition, the wedding is also an incredible experience: you begin to find yourself in dance, acting, music, and floral design.

I wanted to make the wedding classic, tender and touching as happened in the end thanks to the best Fiori team. We've had a lot of decoration, with which Fiori designers decorated rooms all night for our celebration, having done an incredible job. As a result, we get a great picture and the atmosphere as a "at the top of the senses."

Julia, project curator

How is a fairy tale created? What do you look for in defining the concept and overall wedding theme?

At the first meeting, I usually ask the guys if they have their own "things", interesting nicknames, the common interests and history that bind two of them, evoke emotions and a smile from both. In general, the points which you can catch and later develop the idea for the wedding. This is necessary to ensure that the event will be soulful, developed, having sense and suitable for a single pair. Not with a fictional story, but with a true one.

Tell us how you were able to realize the vision? Why this color scheme of the design?

Katya's (the bride's) eyes are sky-blue. In my head, there was a picture of the sky at once, and the idea of the purity of the ceremony on the background of sky. Besides blue, more precisely "serenity" color is recognized as one of the trendy colours of this season by Pantone Color Institute. And of course, we were inspired by the story of romantic proposals on the 122nd floor. In choosing your wedding colors it was important to consider how it will fit into the design of the hall. Blue goes well with the gold that is present in the decoration of the hall in the Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv. Very aristocratic color combination.

We thank Sasha and Katya for their trust. They are a wonderful couple and their sincere feelings can be seen in the way they look at each other, how long and carefully they prepared surprises, and actively participated in the preparation for the wedding. We hope that this day will become for them one of the vivid memories of which they want to remember for life!

Lyudmila Golubitskaya, organizer,

founder of wedding and event agencies GG-Project

Lyudmila, we want to congratulate you on the successful implementation of this luxurious celebration once again. Share your impressions of #Weddingatthetopofthesenses!

I also congratulate you on the implementation of this magical wedding. About it we can say that the feelings of Sasha and Katya are something incredibly bright, kind and full of mad love and passion. "On the Top of the Senses" totally corresponds to this wonderful couple!

Tell us about the preparation and implementation of the weddings.

Our preparation took place in a pleasant atmosphere, however, as always. We became friends with Sasha and Katya. We were very glad that the guys completely trusted us. Theme was air and light in the sky-blue shades. Weddings script was special, full of touching surprises and dances. Grigoriy Reshetnik leaded this feast perfectly, for which many thanks to him!

How was it to work with Fiori team?

Once again - excellent! I am very happy that each of our projects is fundamentally different from the other with fresh ideas and exclusivity. Thank you for all that we do, we always do easily and with great pleasure! There is still a lot of new and interesting 🙂

Organization: GG - PROJECT



Photographer: JANE SKOROKHOD

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