This love story began so unusual that its continuation simply could not be other than a terrific wedding, entitled Blame the Scientists! Its participants shared emotions and comments on this exquisite celebration with us - the main heroin, the organizers, and the designers.

Anna - the Bride

Anna, we want to once again congratulate you on the main celebration in your life! Every girl probably even from childhood dreams of her wedding day, imagining every detail in her mind. Did everything work out, did the result coincide with the expectations?

Thanks for the compliments. The result was fully in line with expectations, it was tender and beautiful as I dreamed. My husband smile's told that everything was wonderful, and he smiles only when really all is at the highest level.

Your wedding has an unusual name - "Blame the Scientists". Probably this is due to some kind of an interesting story. Share it.

I got acquainted with my husband on the Internet and in order to get me out on the first date, on which I did not agree to go, my husband said: "The British scientists have proved that one live meeting gives plus one year of life to a keyboard," and after this phrase I thought it was still worth to go to a meeting because, really, live chat is much better than correspondence. That's why we are grateful not only to the fate and God for our meeting, but also to the British scientist.

Our team is delighted by air wedding mood, especially by photo-zone! Tell us about your impressions of scenery and colors, as well as a whole working process of Fiori team.

Everything was done beautifully and tastefully, nothing in excess, and at the same time elegant and refined. Our guests and we liked photo-zone, because it was unusual, light and airy. Flower arrangements looked harmoniously, sweet and gentle. My husband and I were pleased with the work of FIORI team. Thank you for a fabulous day and guests' smiles!

Yulia - Fiori Project ManagerFiori

This wedding struck everybody in terms of decoration! Tell us how you were able to realize the concept? What unusual items did you use in the decoration?

We would like to emphasize the lightness and tenderness of the wedding. The unusual part was a transparent box for rings with pink feathers.

Photo-zone was also incredible, because it consisted of balloons, which were as large foam bubbles.

Ceremony zone was very light and airy. In the design we use milk dorian, which added loose and breathable form to the flowers compositions.

In the decoration of the hall we used glass, powdery - pink and white colors. Emphasis was golden plates, delicately shaded by pink tablecloths.

Yulia, Leading Organizer of EVENT Cafe, creative agency

We would like to once again congratulate you on the successful implementation of this exquisite celebration. Share your experiences!

Thank you very much! This wedding was a very important and long-awaited for us! We fell in love with the couple from the first meeting and the first story of their acquaintance! We immediately realized that this marriage, will be a classic, discreet and elegant, but it is certainly special and one of our favorites. The main task in the preparation was not only to adhere classic style of the wedding, pass the taste and character of the guys, but intelligently and unobtrusively make this classic style with a "flavor". I think we made it.

Tell us about the preparation and the implementation itself.

When a couple come to you, whose love is in each look, you need nothing extra then them and their relationship to get inspired. All works out itself!

The preparation for the wedding was a pleasure for us, because when there is trust on the part of couples and the team consists of the professionals - it cannot be otherwise! The accent of the wedding was the ceremony zone, on which place we doubted for a long time, but in the end realized that found the perfect place for air and light bells of dope and hydrangeas. Another right decision was to refuse having the "arch" in its classical meaning, and give priority to the flowers in high vases as the main accent of the ceremony zone. Seeing the result, we would like to dance and squeak with joy, because it was extremely beautiful, elegant and gentle.

In the design of the banquet, we, together with interior designers decided to make the main emphasis on textiles and utensils, and again the same – it was not a mistake.

And one of our favorite places - lounge area in which we have arranged an air photo zone and a zone with ice cream, where each ball of favorite treats for children and adults were placed in the horns with cute inscriptions.

Another fine detail was romantic surprises from the couple. The implementation of one of them, by the way, was assisted by guys from the Fiori team. Timur decided to surprise Anna and when they come to a photo studio for shooting, he entered the room, Anya saw a girl's paradise of balloons, on each of which there was a memorable photo and phrase - a declaration of love. It was touching and beautiful!

How it was to work with Fiori team?

Great! We can say that we were really a team. We made up interesting solutions, discussing every detail, when needed – we persuaded a couple together! It's cool when you work with professionals and good people, because such work is a real pleasure. We want more!


Organization: EVENT CAFE



Photographer: JANE SKOROKHOD

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