The wedding celebration is transmitted through its visualization. The Fiori Flower Company once shared the dreams of newlyweds, and now the real decorations, where each zone has its own special meaning. …

Ceremony area

This place at the wedding is sacred and bearing a special value and the whole point of the wedding decoration, because it is at this location that the couple is initiated into the family.

This zone can be made both in the form of an arch, and in a more modern solution - using vases and colors that outline the place of celebration.

The style is from the classic “French splendor” wedding with the luxury of delicate flowers in the art gallery of the old chateau to the “simple” eco-chic in the “Magic threads of love” wedding.

Elven style "filled" the wedding with an abundance of greenery, wisteria and mythological animals.


All the attention of guests of the celebration is constantly focused on the bride and groom, so the table of the newlyweds is central to the banquet area, and the Fiori Flower Company florists approach its design with particular responsibility. Elegant floral arrangements that adorn the presidium of the newlyweds will help highlight the atmosphere and significance of the event. The main feature is to make the design in such a way as not to overload this zone and leave the primacy of the young.

The light purple in the wedding “The mysteriousness of love” coped with this. He set the tone for the whole decoration, easily falling off along with the wisteria and lilac above the young table in the form of side curtains and tablecloths. The zone has remained completely breathable.

In the wedding "Happiness to be a family", this reception was achieved by the "cozy" colors of pastel shades - hydrangea, rose, eucalyptus. Falling wisteria threads and white transparent textiles gave a special weightlessness.

All the classics luxury can be performed with “shot down” phalaenopsis, roses and hydrangea.

Guest tables

Compositions in this zone can be both high and low - the main thing is that they do not interfere with the guests to communicate and see each other.

In the wedding "French Ball", where the main focus was rich purple, low arrangements were emphasized classical gold vases.

The European decoration of the guest tables in the “Roman Holiday” wedding at Villa Miani was achieved through classic shapes and colors.

All the tenderness in the “sweet” design of guest tables in the peach parfait wedding at the Magic Fairy Tale of Love wedding.

Additional zones

Despite the secondary importance in comparison with the general design, they place special accents, give perfection and make the wedding “tasty”.

The entrance zone, the gift zone, the lounge-zone, the candy-bar, the photo-zone are all needed to create the necessary atmosphere and occupy the guests. It is very important that each zone be executed in a uniform format.

Flower decoration will be the very thread that unites all elements of the wedding celebration.

The ceiling on the celebration "Taste of life in love" was decorated with a crown of hanging loose flowers, which gave an atmosphere of mystery. Making this wedding, we used flowers of white, dairy, crimson, pale pink shades and a lot of fresh greens for contrast.

Your wedding dream is our reality!




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