On the eve of New Year holidays, Lyudmila Lazareva, the founder of Fiori Company met with Kristina Kurganskaya, the owner of KAMANA boutique and talked to her about the trends in New Year's decor, decorations for New Year tree, about choosing the right gifts and love for the perfume.

- Lyudmila, let's talk about what the trends in the decoration can be traced closer to the New Year. What awaits us?

- Despite the fact that New Year is a very classic holiday and there can not be any global changes in the design of gifts, we still note slow change in trends in holiday decor. Now the trend to the naturalness can be traced, the depth becomes greater than the external tinsel. If we talk about Christmas wreaths and gifts design, we try to make them as simple as possible, use natural ribbon, small toys and obligatory add the smell: a sprig of fir-needle, cinnamon stick and a few dried apples. Last year, we offered kraft, cones, cinnamon, and this year we have found the Italian paper with the beautiful prints, which is perfectly combined with our exquisite ribbons. Also a combination of muted gold and silver looks nice in the gift design. In general, preparing for the most important holiday of the year for us is a very important period. At the first glance, going into the network of our boutiques, it might seem that New Year goods are just purchased and presented, but it is not so, big job is behind this. During a whole year, we visit a lot of world exhibitions, think over the concept, conduct a lot of discussions with our team to be the best on the market, surprise and delight our customers.

- What gifts do you recommend to give for the New Year?

- I believe that the gift should be necessary, but at the same time it is important to give the emotion. You can choose a perfume candle or composition, which will decorate the interior as a gift. Before the New Year people often buy fluffy toys, so this year we brought plenty of monkeys and people like it a lot, because it is important for them to give the symbol of the coming year.

- How the New Year tree should be decorated? Are there any general trend?

- Decorations on the New Year tree depends on the interior in the first place. If the tree stands in a strict boutique, we focus on minimalism and simple classic combinations of colors: white with silver or red with gold. Last year, we offered handmade toys, and this provides a huge selection of original toys, which packaging is even a work of art. We are inspired by the Creator and nature, so we have presented all kinds of toys in the form of fish, birds, animals, various fruits. Nature never goes out of fashion. And this season our fir-trees will be twined with fine gold ribbon and pearls, stressing their importance on this amazing holiday. Even now tradition of decorating the Christmas tree as it was in our childhood is widespread: a lot of different toys that do not always fit together, but at the same time create a unique holiday atmosphere.

- It is reminds me flavors, because they cause the same emotions as flowers and decor do for you. I understand that this is true happiness when you are so fascinated with what you're doing.

- Kristina, tell us, how do you choose gifts?

- It depends on many factors: to whom I choose a gift, person's preferences, on my mood. If this is my close friends, I find it easier to choose a gift, starting from what they need. In addition, I can give perfume to my close friends, because I know them, and over the years I have learned to make up a psychological portrait of a person by his scent. As each component, which is included in the perfume composition has its meaning, and that says something about a person. Actually, I will not be difficult for me to choose a gift, because our boutique also have beauty-direction: skin care products, niche products for men, including shaving kit, perfumed candles for the home. By the way, the candle for me is a special, symbolic gift because the fire purifies the space, gives warmth, and fills the house with the unique aroma. And for me, scents are very important, so I believe there is no better gift than the scent that evokes emotions and leaves behind nice memories.

- Would you like to create your own fragrance?

I have been thinking about it, but I understand that the Ukrainian market is not yet ready for it. We already had the experience of creating a fragrance for Ukraine. At the end of last year, Ramon Monegal, the Spanish perfumer in 4 generation came to us, whose family for many years created a myriad of fragrances for the big jewelry and fashion brands, after that he began working under the name of his own brand Ramon Monegal. We are asked to create a perfume that reflects the nature of the Ukrainians and a special image of our country. Prior to that, Ramon Monegal has developed fragrances for London, New York, Dubai and other cities, so it was not for the first time for him. We really worked hard to create our fragrance and it has no random components. Each ingredient represents a specific trait of the Ukrainians: rose - kindness, moss - courage, lily of the valley - idealism, orange - energy and optimism, wood chords - intellectual content. The author himself called it The New One as a symbol of the arrival of spring after a long prolonged winter and released it in the ink bottle, signifying the beginning of a new history.

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