Every year we look forward to a mysterious and dreamlike moment that fills us with feeling of the new unknown changes and lavishes with hope.

Christmas's time is a magical time, with its approach we are more and more eager to feel his magic, plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of the upcoming holidays.

Fiori fairies and wizards advise to pay a special attention to the Christmas's decoration of the house. Fancy, sparkling Christmas tree, colorful garlands and light bulbs, a variety of decorative elements will fill your interior with an incredible beauty.

The symbol of the coming year - Fire Rooster, which means that Christmas's decorations should be colorful and bright. In decor the preference should be given to the natural materials, and all shades of fire color: red, terracotta, gold, orange, yellow. The strength, determination, confidence and luck lies in the symbolic color of fire.

Interior Decoration

Christmas decoration of the interior should be harmonious and holistic: a single style, measure in shades, sizes and forms of decoration. The candles in the original sconces and textiles with ethnic ornaments will help to fill the rooms with a solemn winter comfort and warm. When decorating the door or fireplace, use a traditional Christmas decoration - Christmas wreaths. Stairs railings can be decorated with large fluffy bows, combined with Christmas decorations and garlands.

Christmas tree

Real Christmas and New Year are not without stately forest beauty - Christmas tree. The main attribute always fascinates and enchants, so we should pay a special attention to its design! Do not limit yourself in the decor – blinking of lights, shine of glass balls and rustling of furry garlands - because everything must sparkle. The most harmonious color schemes will be a combination of red and gold - the embodiment of prosperity and harmony. Must-have among Christmas decorations - brilliant figures of cocks.

Christmas table

Beautifully decorated table is the key to the festive mood. The tablecloths and napkins made from natural fabrics will be the best for serving. Their colors should not blend in, pick color, observing the contrast. Place a bright composition of fir branches, supplemented with pine cones and clusters of berries in the center of the table. Candles in high flasks will complement the decor of the table and make it solemnly elegant.

Of course, do not forget about the Christmas illuminations. What magic can be without fairy lights and colorful ornaments! Garlands, glowing with colored lights, woven into intricate patterns, will make your home a role model.

Following the recommendations of Fiori Professional Team, your space will become colorful and stylish, providing you with the festive mood of expectation of wonder and joy of the upcoming holidays.

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