Like winemakers who note-by-note create bouquets of wine, we create flower-by-flower every composition! They have tart notes of orchids, sweet notes like pomegranate, subtle nuances of eucalyptus ...


   The color of Marsala, named after the eponymous Italian wine, became the color of 2015 announced by the authoritative Pantone. But on the wave of popularity now there are complementary colors with insanely beautiful names - Calypso pink, lemongrass, golden ocher, violet shades. This range can be seen on all catwalks, both as a base for the image as a whole and in individual elements.


   Inspired by the global fashion trends, we created a collection of bouquets Marsala Rhapsody. It uses a combination of luxury and bohemia, retro-chic, delicate colors and shades with coarser and more saturated. The highlight of the collection is rich brooches, which are used both to decorate the fabric and for the bouquet itself and are carefully invested in the very heart of the flower - a dark calla, a bright rose.


   Special attention to packing a bouquet: instead of the usual paper - rich cases from panne and velor, as well as exquisite ribbons, which can be either the same color or contrasting with the composition. Headdresses in the form of turbans from the same materials resemble the times of the Great Gatsby and cause a special feeling of hedonism.


   Delightful looks are fascinated by a brooch-bouquet with a base of leucasperm flowers of a shade of golden ocher, richly decorated with patterned silver, different types of stones and pearls. The composition emphasizes the coffer Marsala. This is an option of abundance - the more the better!

   He languidly beckons the leaving gray smoke on green with the same brooches and rather massive and coarse colors of echeveria (stone rose) in the arms of luxurious fur.

   Another stylish element is the feather shades of a raven wing with a greenish-gray tint that fit perfectly into the overall image of purple-purple bliss. The inclusion of peony roses of a delicate marshmallow hue softens the dark gamut of the composition.

   Truly every bouquet is a jewel, and art is in flowers!

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