7 years with Fiori Company!

Fiori Company will be 7 years old this year! 7 years of leadership, continuous creativity, tireless energy, inspiration, unforgettable projects and incredible stories. Over the years, Fiori team has become a single-minded family, whose talents were united in the name of Beauty creating. Today’s blog is very special for us! After all, Lyudmila Lazareva, the founder of the company, and Lyudmila Nagornaya, the creative director shared their warmth, emotions, memories and plans.

Lyudmila Lazareva,
the founder of Fiori Flower Company

This year the company celebrates 7 years. How do you manage to be the leaders?

Our floristic activity is difficult to standardize, because we have long opted for a strategy to create not just bouquets, but the objects of art. Each of our flower bouquet is a masterpiece. We follow fashion trends in fashion industry, decoration, interior design solutions and implement them in our collections that change 2 times a year surprising everyone each time.

We strive to be the industry leaders and trend-setter of floral fashion and new trends. Being first is not always easy, because you have to not just inherit someone else’s experience or take a ready benchmark, but develop it from the scratch. It is difficult, but at the same time very interesting. One of the main components of our success, which accompanies us for seven years, and our great value is our team that can be trusted.

What is the basis of the company’s philosophy?

In my understanding, the company’s philosophy is perfectionism in everything we touch – I put in this word the work with great love and soul!

What surprises does Fiori prepare for its customers this year?

This year, more precisely in the very near future, we will please our customers with a new favorite flower collection! Of course, those again will be masterpieces, which are born from the most secluded corners of the soul!

Also, we are expanding its borders. This is due to the dynamism and lifestyle of our customers, who wish to see us and other countries. By the end of this year, we plan to open the Fiori door in two countries – Austria (Vienna) and Cyprus (Limassol).

We have a difficult task to standardize and multiply our business in order to adapt it to the European standards: review our business processes, standardize training and much more. Starting in Astana, Kazakhstan was a very valuable experience for us in this regard. Also in the near future we will launch a new format of Fiori Coner Store in Almaty, but we are not yet ready to reveal all the details of this project. Among our ambitious plans, there is launching of our own brand FHES (First home and event solutions), under which we will create your own collection of home furnishings and artificial flowers. For the first time we will participate with a new brand in the Maison Object Paris in September. But this is not the end of all our plans. And I can confidently say that I am on the 7th heaven!

What would you like to say to your customers and your team?

First of all, I sincerely want to thank our dearest customers for their loyalty to our company, for the impeccable taste, for valuing our work and for being demanding in their desires! It helps us to grow and make this world beautiful! We will always carry beauty in your heart and in your home!

I would like to congratulate my favorite team with a beautiful date of its birthday! I want to thank them for their creativity, potential, for doing everything with great love and responsibility! Thank you for the courage to go forward with the new projects and carry beauty and love into this world!

I wish good, peaceful sky and beautiful emotions in each new day!