Sensual japan in osaka collection by Fiori

Flower collections twice a year? Everything is possible with Fiori.

Few people know, but Fiori Company is the only company in Ukraine that produces flower collections twice a year. As well as eminent fashion houses, Fiori strives to show not only floristic trends, but also lifestyle, art and fashion, and as a result, create for the sophisticated metropolitan resident something completely new, different, up-to-date and the most exclusive.

The creation of collections in Fiori employs a talented team of florists led by a creative director who lives in Austria, where the company’s flower boutique is also represented. A mandatory point in the work of the creative team is to visit the world’s flower exhibitions, where new plants are carefully selected, and later unusual flower compositions are born.

First of all, the Fiori bouquet is not just flowers, it is an art. So, combining the natural beauty of plants in creative flight, special compositions are created – each bouquet of Fiori has a meaning, a bright impulse that is easily readable by customers and tastefully complements any occasion.
More recently, the incredible Santa Dimopoulos presented a new, winter collection of Fiori bouquets, inspired by a country of amazing contrasts – Japan.

The Japanese, like no one else, love and feel the beauty of their nature very much. We can endlessly admire paradise-like sakura gardens, neat engravings, where flowers, birds, and phenomena of nature harmoniously plunge everything into a calm, peaceful bliss. Despite all the carefully preserved traditions in the land of the rising sun, temples and modern skyscrapers, futurism and unique culture coexist. There is a desire to study mysterious and unpredictable Japan, experiment and create under its influence.

Gentle eustoma, airy lathyrus, gorgeous wanda and graceful anemone – these are the flowers that entered Osaka collection. Stylish bouquets dressed in rainbow “gasoline” paper Polarized film, they provoke the desire to look upon them infinitely long and give them to the loved ones, anticipating their aesthetic pleasure. Multi-colored rep ribbons, like a belt on a kimono, add the final charm to the bouquet, and the play on the paper continues with a play of shades on the flowers in the bouquet.

A bouquet from Osaka collection can be presented to anyone who loves flowers, a trendsetter, a public person from show business, and even a child.

It is about how to experience the whole range of bright emotions – just taking in your hands a bouquet by Fiori.