Fashionable New Year, or How FIORI Company Creates a Miracle with Trends

No matter what, the New Year comes on schedule and brings us back to the world of bright holiday decorations, but each time in a new interpretation.
Fashion trends exist in every field, and floristics and decoration are no exception.

In this season of New Year’s decorations, we decided to look behind the scenes of the world of Christmas floristics and asked for advice from the FIORI team, which knows how to transform space so that it has an incredible festive mood.

We managed to talk to the best in her field, the creative and stylish Christmas fairy of the country, the founder of FIORI Company Lyudmila Lazareva.

Lyudmila Lazareva

Q: What is it like to work when the whole country is preparing for the most important holiday of the year?

A: Our team’s preparation for the winter holidays begins in advance, in January: while the whole country enjoys the Christmas coziness at home, we are already choosing the decor for the next New Year’s season. Early in the winter morning, our team gets on a plane and follows a new inspiration for the upcoming holiday season. We visit the world’s leading specialized exhibitions, where international companies present their new collections and their own vision of trends.

Q: So you mean you personally select the entire future range and go to exhibitions? Why do you do it yourself when you have one of the best creative teams?

A: The choice of the future range is one of the most important stages of our work. It is very important for me to take an active part in this process, because I always feel responsible for the final result. It is unimaginable for me to let down my team and our clients, so I always let every detail and trend of decorative fashion pass through my soul. I try to feel what the guests of our boutiques in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Austria and Cyprus will like.

We always prefer the most interesting, bright and modern elements of decorative art. I like to delve into trends, to imagine how people, preparing for the holidays, will decorate their homes with the use of modern trends. That is why we want to give not just the usual Christmas bubbles and lights, but above all emotions and aesthetic pleasure.

Q: What trends do you and your team see this year?

A: We constantly follow the news on the market to always be at the top, and sometimes we set the trends ourselves, creating something fundamentally new.

This winter season, the minimalist approach is relevant in New Year’s floristics. The trend is a Christmas tree with lights but without Christmas toys.

Or with a slight accent, but in an unusual color, such as navy blue or gray.

You should also take note of velvet bubbles of smoky pink, dark gray and emerald shades.

Birds with feather tails or separately painted decorative feathers can become an exclusive accent on a New Year’s tree.

One should also not forget about the classics, which are always in fashion: Christmas toys and decor in accordance with the chosen theme never lose their relevance.
And it’s hard not to mention children’s Christmas trees with lots of figured toys! The youngest connoisseurs of trends like to communicate with such jewelry and can find a fantastic friend in a bird with a lush tail.

For children, this is a small New Year’s world.
Each of us has a child within, so when we get into the atmosphere of the New Year, we remember the happy holidays. Regardless of trends, the FIORI team will always help to make children’s dreams come true, using elements of modern Christmas decorations.

Another trend worth mentioning is the emphasis on gold and silver. These colors should be present in muted tones or make a single composition. We recommend using restrained and calm shades to add a moderate charm to your design.

With incredible brightness and sophistication in the network of FIORI boutiques will also present glass decor of the finest work. In the design of the Christmas tree, it will create a feeling of transparency, lightness, weightlessness. It really is extremely stylish, isn’t it?

Q: What is your favorite New Year’s direction?

(A.) We often receive individual orders for decorating houses for the New Year holidays.
People order all kinds of decorations for their loved ones, relatives, friends and relatives.
Decorating any space, we create a New Year-y mood and festive atmosphere, and then this pleasant surprise becomes even more fabulous.

Surprise design is in the highest demand. In just one night, our team can transform the space of your home so that in the morning the whole family will be enchanted by the wonderful New Year’s atmosphere.

Our recommendations are not limited to decorating only the Christmas tree. Families usually spend a lot of time at the dinner table, so we advise you not to forget to decorate the kitchen in a festive way, using New Year’s decor and utensils, and thus emphasize on the warmth and comfort of Christmas evenings.
Of course, do not forget about the decoration of the fireplace, stairs, entrance group and other interior elements.

Those who are looking for an alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, we recommend decorating the house with special hanging Christmas tree branches with elegant Christmas decorations. This will add lightness and festive chic to your space.

A pleasant surprise for your children will also be the joint process of New Year’s decoration of your home with the FIORI team. It can be done in the form of a game, or our talented staff will hold a master class on New Year’s decoration.
By creating a fairy tale, we get inspired and become a friendly team of New Year’s elves, which creates emotions that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Q: How do you choose an assortment line in boutiques with such a variety of goods and brands, on what principle?

A: There are many nuances to this process, but values ​​always remain constant. We try not to repeat ourselves. Any product presented in FIORI boutiques is always exclusive and of high quality; whatever you choose for your home, it will be an art object and a manifestation of modern trends. By buying new Christmas decorations from us every year, you can create a unique, inimitable collection over time.

For example, in our boutiques the New Year’s decor, made by hand using ancient technologies of glassblowers, is always presented — it is, by the way, highly appreciated in the European markets. You’ll want to look at such works of art for hours, imagining how the skillful hands of the master created such masterpieces.
Our customers collect and keep these Christmas decorations, passing them from one generation to another.

We understand that everyone’s wishes and views are different, so we make sure that the elements of the decor are a demonstration of true sophistication and appeal to even the most demanding customers.

There is another main principle that we adhere to in each of our directions and projects: to create incredible emotions and experience.
Imagine how surprised your child or loved one will be when they see Santa Claus near their house early in the morning, who delivers toys or gifts from FIORI wrapped in creative holiday packaging right to the Christmas tree.

We strive to create not just an exclusive picture, but also a memory for a lifetime, which you will keep in the warmest corner of your heart. If you want to surprise your loved ones and create a fabulous Christmas atmosphere — we are here. Just like Santa, but a little closer.

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